What is Excel?

Excel is a mid-yield product that prioritizes income over capital appreciation through asset allocation to debt

Who is Excel suitable for?

Excel is designed for investors who

  • Seek a moderate return over a long term horizon
  • Have a low to moderate risk appetite
  • Having a low to moderate risk appetite

What kind of securities does Excel invest in?

Excel is diversified across securities with credit rating of investment grade and above only

What is the minimum investment amount?

As per SEBI mandates, the minimum investment under the Portfolio management scheme is INR 25,00,000 (Indian rupees twenty five lakh only)

What is the target yield?

We use the 5-year SBI FD as a benchmark for our yield. Given an approximate rate of 6.25%, we aim to return 6-8% MORE than the SBI FD.

What makes Excel unique?

  • Provides a moderately higher yield than many bank FDs
  • Scheduled monthly cash-flows to investor
  • Diversified across sectors to mitigate risk