What is Gamma?

  • Gamma is a diversified Midcap PMS strategy
  • It follows a bottom-up approach for selecting midcap companies
  • The companies selected go through key analysis by the fund manager and director which include established and proven track record

What is the objective of this portfolio?

  • To generate capital appreciation in the medium to long term through investments in equities
  • To invest in perceived high-growth companies with sustainable business models backed by apparent strong management capabilities

Who is Gamma suitable for?

Gamma is suitable for investors:

  • Seeking a high return over medium to long term horizon
  • With a high risk appetite

What is the minimum investment amount?

As per SEBI mandates, the minimum investment for the Portfolio Management Scheme is INR 25,00,000 (Indian rupees twenty five lakh only)

What is the ideal investment horizon?

It is recommended to hold the portfolio for a minimum of 3 years