Risk Profiling Form

(For First Applicant Only)

This Risk Profiler is intended only for use of individuals who wish to avail the portfolio management services of Karvy Stock Broking Limited.

This short questionnaire has been designed to help us understand your risk tolerance. Questions asked here provide some indication of the risk tolerance for a typical investor displaying your personal investment characteristics and responses to the questions asked and in case of different responses by you, your actual risk profile may be significantly different from what is indicated here. Kindly read the Risk Disclosure document to know all risks pertaining to your investment offered by Karvy Stock Broking Limited.

Here are 10 simple questions that will help determine your risk profile. Simply tick the appropriate answer to help us understand your investment preference.


Which of the following phases of life would you describe yourself to be in right now?


How familiar are you with investments?


Assume your preferred car A’s insurance has expired and the renewal policy will come into effect in a week’s time. In the interim period, what would you do?


You win a large sum in a lucky draw and you have a chance to increase your winnings. Which one of the following would you choose?


You have invested your savings. Which of the following returns profiles would you prefer?


Equity portfolios/products tend to deliver high returns in along with high risk. Which of these reflects your risk tolerance level?


Which of these best expresses your feeling if/when you incur any loss in your investments?


Which of the following best describes your past investment experience?


You have invested in shares that you expect will become 5-baggers* in 2-3 years. These share prices drop 30% soon after you buy them. You:
[* The expression depicts stocks with enormous growth prospects which could be of the order of 5 times]


If you hear about a good stock 'tip' from your friend, what do you typically do?